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  • Ballista and MIXIT Announce a Global Distribution Agreement
    Ballista execution venue onto MIXIT's global connectivity network

    New York, April 30, 2010 -- Ballista Securities LLC, operator of the Ballista Alternative Trading System (ATS) for block options, announced they are partnering with MIXIT, Inc. to add the Ballista execution venue onto MIXIT's global connectivity network.

    MIXIT's user base will be able to access Ballista via a secure connection or through MIXIT's options and equities trading platforms. Focused on equity options, Ballista reduces the time and manual effort required to execute block option and volatility orders by providing an electronic alternative to current manual trading methods.

    "MIXIT, Inc. is widely recognized in the institutional trading community for its agnostic, trader-focused approach to the development of advanced financial technology solutions," said Mark Monahan, Ballista CEO. "We are very excited to be offering the Ballista services to their growing base of end users." Walter Fitzgerald, CEO for MIXIT said, "Based on strong demand for our options OMS this partnership with Ballista will further strengthen the suite of services currently available to equity options traders on our platform while adhering to our principals of anonymity and innovation. Ballista will both enhance liquidity and increase the number of execution venues available to traders on our platform who trade large numbers of option contracts."

    About Ballista Securities LLC

    Ballista Securities, operator of the Ballista Alternative Trading System, offers equity options traders an efficient, anonymous and reliable platform for delta-neutral strategies, complex transactions and block options trades.

    For more information, please contact Ballista Sales at 800-434-7552 or via email at