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Order & Execution Management System Equities | Options

The MIXIT OMS | EMS is a robust and scalable front-end built for both order management and execution management.  MIXIT's OMS | EMS is designed to provide the end-user with a gateway to their clients across all marketplaces from one single interface.  Customers have the ability to trade with third-party Algorithm providers, Exchanges, Dark Pools, and more.  Our system receives orders electronically from any order management system or network, then routes entire or partial orders to markets.

  • One platform combining both Equities and Options OMS capabilities
  • Connections to any exchange, floor broker, smart router, or Algorithmic trading venue (over 200 strategies available across a variety of different broker offerings)
  • Receive orders electronically through the MIXIT FIX network (no need for a third-party connection vendor at times)
  • Handles listed, OTC, pink sheets, and International orders
  • Built-in third-party Algorithmic Trading parameters
  • Supports all Exchange, Dark Pool, and ATS order types
  • Accepts and routes International orders
  • Integrated customizable EMS with Level 2 and trading capabilities
  • REG NMS, OATS, and other compliance features

Intuitive trading windows, configurable alerts and warnings